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I'm Gabriela 🌝 a mother to a vibrant toddler, and a multi-disciplinary professional with a passion for UI/UX design, web development, digital design, and web marketing. Based in Montreal, Canada, I thrive in the realm of remote work, where I blend creativity 🐲 with technical expertise to craft engaging digital experiences.


I derive immense satisfaction from crafting seamless navigation and information presentation experiences that not only delight your customers but also guide them effortlessly towards achieving your objectives.

With a rich background spanning international ventures, in-house roles, and remote collaborations, I've contributed to diverse projects for brands, agencies, startups, and charitable organizations. My commitment to your project is flexible; I'm dedicated to ensuring your success in whatever capacity you require, I’m happiest when I’m helping others succeed.


For over 13 years, I've honed my craft in crafting web and mobile solutions. It all began in my native Venezuela, where I started as a programmer at a local web solutions agency. After two years, I ventured into freelancing, offering my services globally. In 2017, I co-founded Weeslab LLC, an esteemed web and mobile development agency headquartered in the United States. At Weeslab, I led and collaborated on numerous projects, fostering creativity and innovation both within and beyond team boundaries. Upon relocating to Montreal in 2021, I contributed my skills as a web programmer for a pool repair company until 2023.

Currently, I serve as a freelance consultant, providing expertise to businesses across Canada and the United States, helping them navigate the digital landscape and achieve their goals 🤝


Beyond my professional endeavors, I draw inspiration from cherished moments spent with my husband, son, and close friends. These occasions offer a rejuvenating escape for my spirit, body, and creativity. As a dedicated practitioner holding the rank of 2kyu in Shotokan and 3kyu in Shudokan karate, I find solace and growth in martial arts. Additionally, I am an avid enthusiast of anime, video games, and actively engage with my community at the temple. Moreover, my passion for music, particularly percussion, fuels my artistic expression and brings me immense joy.