Building Carfax Bot

The CARFAX Report Bot offered by MAPA BROKER LLC is a convenient and valuable tool for individuals looking to obtain vehicle history reports efficiently. CARFAX reports can provide crucial information about a vehicle's past, including details about its ownership history, accident history, service records, and more. By integrating this functionality into a bot, MAPA BROKER LLC provide users with a streamlined and user-friendly way to access these reports, saving them time and effort in the car buying process. This type of service can help buyers make more informed decisions by providing them with comprehensive information about the vehicles they are interested in purchasing.


  • Web/Mobile design
  • Front-end build
  • Transational emails





Originally, MAPABROKER employed a Telegram bot to handle Carfax report requests. However, the manual issuance and sending of reports proved inconvenient for the bot's handlers. Given the high cost of automating this process compared to the actual revenue generated, a decision was made to simplify the request system.

To maintain the convenience and immediacy users expect from bots, an interactive form was developed. This form mirrors the Telegram bot interface, enhancing user experience. Upon accessing the form, users are guided through a series of messages and fields, resembling a conversation with a bot. Subsequently, they are directed to the Stripe payment gateway to complete their transaction.

Upon successful payment, users receive a confirmation message while the bot handlers are automatically notified via pre-filled email with the client's information. This streamlined process reduces manual intervention, improving efficiency. Given the handlers' limited availability, the form dynamically adjusts its messages based on the time of user interaction, providing estimates for report delivery and indicating available working hours.

Additionally, each request is saved in a database as a backup of the transactions carried out.