Building Mapa Bid

MapaBid is a helpful tool for individuals interested in purchasing vehicles from Copart auctions. By providing users with information about the total amount they would need to pay for a vehicle, including any additional fees and charges beyond the auction price, it can assist in budgeting and decision-making processes. This type of tool could be particularly valuable for those navigating the complexities of purchasing vehicles through auctions, where additional costs may not always be immediately apparent.


  • Web design
  • Front-end build




Given Copart's prominence as the primary auctioneer for MAPA BROKER, the company resolved to develop a specialized calculator tailored specifically for Copart auctions. This new calculator prioritizes mobile usability while also remaining accessible via web browsers, ensuring versatility across platforms.

Distinctive features of this calculator include options to specify the title status (clean or salvage) and the vehicle's weight classification (light or heavy), enabling users to generate more detailed estimates. By accommodating these specific parameters, users can make more informed decisions regarding their auction purchases.