Building Mapa Tool

MAPA TOOL is a resource for prospective car buyers participating in auctions. By providing an estimate of the final price of a vehicle, including all associated costs, before the purchase is made, it can empower buyers to make more informed decisions and budget accordingly. This kind of tool can help buyers avoid unexpected expenses and ensure they are fully aware of the financial implications of their purchase. Additionally, by enabling buyers to estimate the total cost upfront, MAPA TOOL can streamline the auction process and make it more efficient for buyers to navigate.


  • Web/Mobile design
  • Front-end build
  • Transactional emails
  • Web application development





MAPA BROKER previously utilized an Excel spreadsheet to estimate the potential final costs for purchasing cars at auctions in the United States. Recognizing the value of this tool, they decided to offer it online via subscription at an affordable monthly rate. This led to the development of a web application using Angular, powered by a MySQL database, and supported by an API built in Laravel.

The calculator within the web application retrieves car data based on the serial number provided and enables users to save their calculation history securely in their accounts. Subscription payments are seamlessly processed using either PayPal or Stripe, depending on the user's initial preference. This integration enhances user convenience and ensures a smooth payment experience.